Thursday, March 25

I’ve got something to tell you. I spent a good portion of my morning sulking, feeling  general lack luster / impatience about the moment I was in. Thank goodness it passed, as moments most surely do.  It’s all ebb and flow, I know, I remembered.
Within the sweetness of living a good life, there lives the other side. You know - the one that “eeecks” out at you in a dark room when your arms are outstretched feeling for the light switch. Makes your heart pound real hard. You wonder what your next move is. You are running out of time. It can all feel like one blurry mess.
When -
at the heart of it, you never really worry.  You understand the brighter version better, that lighting upon the dark night is the stuff made of wind storms & lightening bolts, sun lit dew & tumbleweed clouds rolling onto blue sky. You are shooting straight and naming stars. You are constellations coming upon galaxies. You are the fingerprint and the vein. You are perfect right where you are.
It was nice to remember. I wanted to share.
I am going to celebrate with you now, my shifting of sails into sunset and still water, by diving into the daily good….

The road leading down the drive is now dirt
Breaking open a cottonwood bud, sticky fragrant ooze on my fingertip
Photographing Fairbanks on foot
New York Super Fudge Chunk
Mad Men Season 3
Thick Navy Hoody
Day light passed 8pm
A waxing Moon
2 for $ 4 daffodils at Safeway

This hat found at Dirty Birdies Vintage


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