Saturday, January 23

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Turning tides …

Aligning with the energies of new beginnings…

The power of your creative thoughts…

 These lines found me today.

They brought me to my feet and tip - tapped me on the shoulder.

I think there is something to them. It get's me thinking about substances that possess unusual properties, the cosmos and such . . .

I believe that the simple act of getting day dreamy once a day will change your life.  Try it. Spend a few minutes everyday for a month pretending you are living the biggest, brightest version of what the good life is to you. Ask yourself things like: 
“ What does my ideal day look like?”  “Where am I living?” “Mountains/Ocean/Desert/Plains/Hills/Flat Lands/City?”  “How do I earn my living?”  "Who do I share in conversation with?" " What are the days simple pleasures?"

I promise it will gift you serendipitous surprises and that little kid feeling of molding mud pies and playing make believe. Day after day turns into a steady stream of play time and play dough. Foot loose and fancy free. It is light, easy, fluid and flexible. You remember? It lives in that part of you that knows you have an ace up your sleeve anyway, so how could you lose?

Oh! Look what was waiting for me in the last paragraph:

We need to declare with certainty and conviction what it is we desire.

I like that.

I am doing that.

We can all do that.

Right now in fact.

Mary Oliver writes, “Tell me. What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

 ( * ) If you are feeling brave, I am offering the following as extra credit for the Alchemy of Connection project. In the spirit of the found lines above and Ms. Mary Oliver, I invite you to send me a short, detailed list of what your daily looks like when you are lined up in new beginnings and living your desire with certainty and conviction?

Send to     
Subject line:  My New Story

What happens to your list? It will inspire a painting and become a part of 2010’s Spring/Summer collection. I will post the finished paintings on my blog + website starting in late March.

(ps) hi. If you are scratching your head about what my 2010 Spring/Summer project is – you can read more here 

(pps) if you already sent in your list for Alchemy of Connection know that this extra credit activity will join forces with your old list and inspire even more clearly your joy and our connection *

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