Monday, December 21

merry, merry

(above) ice fishing,Tanana river  (below)  jumping on a trampoline in the summer

June and December Solstice's are favorite days of mine. In a way, they are the "Christmas" and "Thanksgiving" of my year.  Like the lines of a well loved poem, I remember the details and impressions of their day. I eye the calendar in a count down when their month arrives.  My own festival of light. Maybe it is living in Alaska where we report the days light down to seconds. Maybe it is the symbolism of the presence and absence of light. Maybe it is the hope I feel when light is returning or the gratitude when I am standing outside at 2 in the morning and everything is softly lit in pink. Whatever the reason, truth be told, I will always savor a solstice. Sending you full moons, fire, meteor showers and a reminder: light is returning by the second...

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