Sunday, December 6

Tonight I am having appetizer's for dinner. Last summer's smoked salmon mixed with cream cheese on garlic bagel chips with a sliced apple and a peanut butter back. Crunchy peanut butter. I decided to take Saturday and most of today off  to recover from a few very busy months. Making art while running a business is the most rewarding job I've ever had - but it is full throttle people! It is heart, soul and hard work. I think I have been a bit crazy lady in the hours I've been keeping and my inability to think about anything other than art. All or nothing, full steam ahead kind of living* After the fun of  Friday's Woman's Art opening at The Alaska House, I was in need of a rest! I am happy to tell you I spent the weekend doing decadent things like:  reading for hours, hot soaks in the tub, made cookies from scratch, ate a leisurely Sunday breakfast at my favorite mom and pop + read the newspaper, slept in, painted my toes, walked the dogs, drank espresso coffee's and listened to public radio while puttering around the house. It has felt good *

Keep an eye out for new handmade lovelies in my etsy store this week. 
Below are a few pictures of my work in December's Show at The Alaska House Gallery...


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