Tuesday, September 1

The wedding of two rivers . . .

Chena and Tanana River, Summer 2009

. . . has me thinking about this change of season.
It is overlap. It is wet and messy. It is green going yellow.

This past weekend, The Daily News-Miner exclaimed: Fairbanks says goodbye to Summer!

It's true folks. Last night the radio announcer rattled off a weather update for the Interior and snow made a debut. I stopped what I was doing and thought for a second what day it was. August 31st. Snow?

The cold months and I always start like this. There is that 7 year old kid in me that wants to keep playing games with the neighbor kids til the street lights come on and I am being called home for dinner. I drag my feet on the walk home; careful to take in those last moments of the thrill of stealing the flag and running hard all the way to safety. It's all or nothing, baby. So, that is how it starts with winter and me. I will tell you a secret. Even though I'm dragging my feet, I love winter. Oh sure, I am a little reserved upon its arrival, but eventually - I warm up. I love a good cozy - and winter definately delivers.

Thinking now about the light filled season I ask if it was all I dreamt about from the insides of last years frost lined winter belly?
With the sureness of blowing breath to warm cold hands -
I answer you - YES.

A (short) list of loves for my 2009 Alaskan Summer:
one am light. barefoot driving. garage sale signs. dandelions. cool breeze's carrying cottonwood. crayola blue and green landscape. a growing garden.hauling water. watching people who are intimately acquainted with winter enjoy a warm summer. grilled scallops and steamed clam dinner. boat rides. tecate in can (with lime). dog walks. surfboard yellow paint . . .

A (short) list of loves for now:
baking things that take 4 hours start to finish. blue striped socks. the "hoody". harvesting garden. big blue tub full of red ripe tomatoes. morning coffee, npr, and painting. the way the earth smells -- kinda fertile and rotting at the same time. cranberry picking. greasy spoon's and sunday paper's . . .


  1. Ah, thank you for this post. I've been feeling more confused and muddled by the on-again, off-again, stop-and-start changes in season this year. It was a delight to read your pleasure in the turning of the seasons.

  2. Hi Kristin!
    How nice it was to read your comment this morning with my coffee! The timing is excellent -- I was just reading your blog last night!
    Looks like we will both be at The UAF Baazar . . . If I get I chance to leave my booth I will swing by and introduce myself!
    (ps) I LOVE your work