Wednesday, May 13

Drive by Blogging

Spring Tulips in my cabin

I am blogging on the sly.

In an effort to simplify my life, I no longer have Internet at home...that has made regular blogging a bit of a challenge. All that might change this winter...but for now, the Internet is saved for cafes, the library and quick checks from parking lots of hotels that offer "Free WI FI."

So, aside from my traveling Internet connection, all of the sunny weather and spring fever --

I am going to keep it short with a quick and dirty list of good things:

Hillsides that are starting to swell with the green of new leaves

Eighteen Hours of daylight

A recent purchase of a Subaru Outback has me understanding exactly what the "Subaru Club" is alllll about - what a nice ride!!

The most beautiful 4 mile walk out my front door boasting views of The Alaska Range and roads lined with Birch, Aspen and Spruce

Morning Coffee on my newly extended deck

The freedom, time and funds to paint and follow inspired creativity

The thrill of the slow unfolding of it all

Sending you warm winds and sun kissed cheeks *

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