Sunday, January 11


I am taking an extended winter break. Temperatures have been hovering between 40 and 60 below zero and it has propelled me into a winter slumber of sorts. I will be back soon! Happy New Year!

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  1. It's so nice that you've posted! I was thinking that it might be too cold to do much right now. Wow. Cannot imagine what -40 degrees feels like. You are very brave.

    I have a friend who lives out in the desert, way out in the desert, who is completely off the grid. He collects water from his roof (storing it in 1000 gallon plastic sisterns, uses ultraviolet light/charcoal filters to purify the water and has solar panels for electricity. That means no air conditioning in the summer. Temperatures out his way get up to 111 degrees. Made me think of you and your dry cabin at the opposite end of the spectrum.

    Enjoy the hibernation. I hope you're back online soon!