Monday, November 10

New Work: Translations

Opening Night, The Alaska House Art Gallery, Fairbanks

I am feasting on a day of rest. The last month has been full and today is reserved for quiet things and going slow. Exhaling, I stood outside last night and listened for winter. Layered around the sound of my breath there were trees popping. owls hooting. snow falling off branches. There was the smell of water and a wood stove. Nature is fully alive in this place. In the crevasse of winter, it can feel like you are living on a lunar landscape, in a pocket of wild. Alaska holds great reservoirs of inspiration for me.

It was a special experience to create eighteen new paintings for my November exhibit at The Alaska House Art Gallery. It was an honor to collaborate again with my father, Raymond Komar as he created the poem Art for this show. I admire his gift with words and will treasure the poem for a lifetime.It also brought me great pleasure to have words written by my friend Sara Loewen next to the painting Fireflies. When I read her article originally written for the Anchorage Daily News, it moved me. I knew too, that her words were gifts to share.
Thank you to Yolande, Nina, Glenna, Sherry and Ron for creating a wonderful space and for flowing a current of good energy to each person that walks in the gallery doors* If you are interested in more information on any of the paintings in this collection, please contact The Alaska House Art Gallery .

Two hearts in the snow near our outhouse, November 10, 2008

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