Tuesday, November 25

"The Creative Spirit arises from the depths. It is not of us, it is within and beyond us. It does not originate in the head, it moves through the heart and mind when we open to it. When we invite it, it will visit. We are not its source, but as it moves in us, our uniqueness is expressed. Creativity is not about receiving attention, it's about gaining and sharing a new view, a new angle, a new insight. It is not about consuming, it's about giving. It does not inhibit us, it frees us."

Taken from Barbara Boewen's November article, The Creative Call to Action on Creativity-Portal.com


  1. Just discovered your blog from Carol's blog and I'm so glad I did. Your images are intriguing and your words strong and thoughtful.

    I agree with you that art is about giving--that it frees us to be more that we were, that we can embrace hope and eloquence and thereby change the world.

    Let us continue to seek the language that translates into action. It's been awhile since we've been able to believe in a President. I think it will be alright now.

  2. I share the ame sentiment of the 'Creative Spirit' :). Thank you for sharing. contact me

  3. I share the same sentiment of the 'Creative Spirit' :). Thank you for sharing. Contact me