Thursday, September 18

9.18.08 New Painting

Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, 9.5"x9.5", Acrylic on Paper

Years ago, I tore a black and white photograph from a featured article about The Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes in Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska. I knew, during that impulsive tear, that I had to one day see it for myself. The pull of this landscape is magnetic. I am fascinated by the sharp charcoal lines of volcanoes seen across the valley floor, the lunar quality, desolate feel and the overall stunning vastness of it all.
Today, the gray skies and the memory of that photograph inspired this painting.

(*) Special Note from the Artist: While creating the red fumaroles, I noticed that two heart shapes were spontaneously made in one of the many washes of paint. The largest can been seen in the top right portion of the sky. The second is very tiny and can only be seen when you are in front of this painting!


  1. ..I am very struck by this painting. It is large ! - i am imagining it on (my) wall and it would take up most of the space; thats good!
    It is now late August 2012/September, you are giving away an art piece, but my own private thought is, 'and where would we send a gift? to the Artist?!'
    You have inspired me for years. By looking back at your archives i recollect when i first found you online.
    i appreciate so much, how you colour my world Amy-unbeknownst to you..

  2. I am incredibly touched to read your comment Susan. So much of this artist journey, especially the early days, are done in silence -- no regular "followers," no twitter, no it means the world to hear that you found me years ago and have been walking this path with me. WOW. Such an honor.
    Email me your address. I want to send you a note....