Monday, September 29

Moment to Moment

Morning coffee heart drip in Central, Alaska

The day has been full of surprises. Snow that stuck around. Hillsides of trees without leaves. A thin sheet of ice on the slough. A brand new studio space in downtown Fairbanks! An all day wearing of my down jacket. Spontaneous kindness from strangers. Bright, clear, cold skies. Icy roads. A visitor from the far reaches of the globe on my website. A letter from my sister. A phone call from an old friend. A single raven flying above me...brilliant and black against the sky. The Alaska Range in navy shadows with low hanging clouds. My dog Meatball snoring loud. A feeling that everything is gonna be alright. Mexican food for lunch.Brewing the perfect cup of coffee. An idea for a painting. Afternoon light on mustard and salmon colored walls. . .

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